Introducing the Make an Offer button!


My Loading Ramp Team

We're excited to announce our latest feature addition to My Loading Ramp - the Make an Offer button! You'll find this handy little button on every listing, which will allow buyers to more easily place an offer to the seller for their stock, and a faster way for sellers to either accept or decline offers.

Make an offer button on listings

Now its easy-as to place an offer on livestock:

  1. Find and click the Make an offer button on the listing you're interested in.
  2. Enter your offer price, either per head or kg.
  3. Optionally enter any conditions or comments, and set an expiry date for your offer.
  4. Click the "Place offer" button and we'll send your offer straight to the seller!

Accept / decline offer

Once the seller receives your offer, they can either accept or decline it - either way, you'll instantly be be notified by email. The seller must respond before either your offer or the listing itself expires, and you are also free to withdraw your offer at any time before this. If the seller declines your offer, you are always free to place another offer or contact the seller directly to negotiate.

Holding pen offers

We'll add the listing you placed an offer on to your Holding Pen for easy access later. We've also upgraded the Holding Pen to include any non-expired offers you have placed. Buyers can see their offer history by clicking the "Offer History" button in their Holding Pen, while sellers can review all the offers placed on their listing by clicking the "Offers" button on their listing page.

We reckon this new system will improve the livestock trading process for everyone. We've still got a lot more in the pipline going forward - and we'd love to give you the opportunity to have your say on the shape of things to come - so please drop us a line if you've got any ideas or suggestions to throw our way!