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My Loading Ramp is the innovative way to buy and sell your livestock online. We are now offering all livestock companies and agents in New Zealand the opportunity to become part of our trading platform to market your livestock nationwide. 

We believe our platform offers your company more exposure with the abilIty to market your clients livestock more efficiently nationwide as well as using our growing network of farmers, agents and livestock companies currently using our website. 

Farmers, now is the time to talk to your preferred Livestock Agent regarding marketing your livestock to buyers nationwide using our platform. 

The time is right to move all livestock marketing in New Zealand to one major platform to get the best coverage for everyone.


If you have any questions or want to know more please contact one of the team today.  

Managing Director:

Luke McBride 027 304 0533 or

Operations Manager:

Matt Muggeridge  027 237 8661 or