The Weekly Weigh-In


My Loading Ramp Team

MARKET ROUND UP  from the field...

Large numbers are heading to processors with some areas waiting for space to kill Steers. Schedules are back 5-10 cents this week. 


We are seeing some good numbers of dairy listings now so if you are selling dairies this season then check out how easy it is to load your dairy stock with our dairy quote template. Buyers then have all the information they need on any device, anytime and anywhere to make there purchases easy.   


Large numbers of Friesian weaner bulls are hitting the market with 90kg - 100kg around $350 and 110kg + around $380 - $420. 1yr Steers and heifers are trading at $3kgLW - $3.10kgLW with 1yr Friesian bulls fetching around $2.80kgLW - $2.90kgLW.

#REMEMBER its easy to add photos to your listings direct from your smartphone in the paddock. Listings with photo's get more views. 

This week we have good inquiries for 

  • Beef Bulls - All classes 
  • Feeder Calves  
  • Beef Heifers - All Classes 
  • Dairy C/O Cows 
  • Beef Steers  

 Check out our buyer graph on our home page as this updates 24/7.