MLR Update


My Loading Ramp Team

Hey Agents & Farmers

Just a quick update on MLR!
Our pages views are up 400% this week with plenty of new members joining and new listings as well as stock are selling if the price is right!

Remember if you are sending stock to the saleyard you always have a bottom dollar in your head before sending on the truck so MLR is no different. Price is key to selling your livestock so if you are not sure what they are worth then list them as negotiable and people can use our make an offer system and then you can decide if you want to sell at that price or wait for more offers!

Thanks for all the support this week and let’s all make NZ great again on the back of the NZ Agri Sector. NZ is a great little country and we have great farmers who work hard to sell there product to the world!


Kia Kaha, stay safe NZ

Cheers Matt & Luke

Team MLR - Proud to be NZ's oldest independent livestock trading platform since 2014.