The Weekly Weigh In


My Loading Ramp Team


It's been a busy week for MLR with only a few days to put together this load of feed to the bay. Its been a great effort from everyone involved and was all delivered by last night so a big thank you to the following for their amazing donations:

Rural Ventures Ltd - John & Susan Scarlett
Progressive Livestock Ltd - Matt Muggeridge & Luke Mcbride
Fonterra Farms and Graham Brown, Carrfields Livestock
Brad Burling and Family
Jason Weld (Forage Services)
Perry and Caleb Moleta (Phoenix Park Feeds)
Kim McIntyre (Makoura Lodge)
Matt Hansen (Anzco Foods)
Paul and Helen McBride
Jared and Rachel Hercoe
Glenn Coogan & Family
Sam Worboys Contracting
Scotty McMillan
Jeremy Sinclair (NZ Vehicle Plant and Asset Sales)
Murray Free Contracting
Kyran Brown (AK Farming)
Buck Arnott Ltd
Shaun and Kate Mitchel

The load is all delivered to a great young CHB farming family and its so humbling to be involved in this great cause!

Kia Kaha
Stay positive NZ farmers
Cheers 🍻


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We will be back next week with our full paddock reports. 

In these hard times ahead, it is paramount for Stock Agents and Farmers to keep costs down as much as possible, so MLR is a great affordable platform to market your clients livestock New Zealand wide. If you need any help listing livestock, then please call our 24/7 helpline 06 355 0747, or email and someone will be in touch ASAP to get you sorted! Any Livestock agents who would like to get set up with their own company account and branding, please contact, or and we will help you get up and running in no time!

Kia Kaha, stay safe NZ 

Team MLR

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