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MLR Basic

Standard pay as you go rates
Per-head listing fee


Unlimited listings
Monthly subscription

MLR Basic

Great value for smaller or infrequent sellers, MLR Basic gives you the flexiblity of pay-as-you-go pricing combined with a low per-head listing fee - meaning you only pay for what you list. This is the default plan you'll have when you sign up.

To keep prices fair when selling high-volume stock types, we vary the fee depending on the category of livestock.

Category Fee per head
Sheep $0.20 +GST
Deer $0.50 +GST
Beef $1.00 +GST
Dairy $1.00 +GST
Other Livestock $1.00 +GST

If you need to sell your stock really quick, you've always got the option of upgrading your standard listing into a featured listing (extra $10.00 +GST per listing). A minimum of $5.00 +GST is charged on all transactions. All listings are bound by our standard terms and conditions.

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Designed specifically for larger sellers and stock agents, MLR Pro really gets the ball rolling by giving you unlimited listings on a convenient monthly subscription.

$300 +GST / month

Invoiced on a 30-day cycle.

MLR Pro includes:
Unlimited standard listings
Up to 5 free featured listings each month
Share your subscription with up to 9 other user accounts from inside your company
Create your own personal profile page, complete with your listings and branding

You'll be able to start listing once we've recieved your first payment, and payment is required in full before each 30-day cycle. There is no minimum term and you may cancel at any time. All listings and subscriptions are bound by our standard terms and conditions.

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