Buying Livestock

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Find Livestock

Use the drafting gate to find stock you're interested in.

Deal Direct

Place an offer or call direct to negotiate and arrange the sale.

Drafting Gate

Use the drafting gate to browse for livestock. We've included a selection of filters which will help refine your search, so finding exactly what you are looking for is fast and simple.

Making An Offer

Once you've found the livestock you are interested in, we make it easy to place an offer or tender for livestock. Click the Make an offer button and fill in your price. We'll pass your offer onto the seller who can then either accept or decline - you'll be sent an email either way.

You can optionally set an expiry date on your offer - very handy for when you need a quick decision. Withdraw your offer at any time before it has expired or been accepted if you change your mind.

Saved Searches

Just click the Save button on the Drafting Gate and we'll save your exact search query for quick access later. Click the My Searches link in the main menu to see a list of your previously saved searches.

Whenever we see that there are new listings that match any of your saved searches, we'll automatically send you a "Daily Draft" email so that you are the first to know.

Holding Pen

The holding pen is your personal watchlist. Use this to keep track of listings that you are interested in, but want to come back to later.

It's easy to add a listing to your holding pen. Just click the Holding Pen button on the listing page, we'll add your listing automatically. To remove it, just click the same button again.

Weekly Weigh-In

The Weekly Weigh-In is our email newsletter delivered every Sunday directly to your inbox. It contains the latest industry insights and stock prices to keep you current about the always changing livestock market, as well as new listings from the past week.

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