Selling Livestock

How it works

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Create Your Listing

Specify details about your livestock, and upload photos.

Publish Your Listing

Your listing will appear publicly for buyers to find with the drafting gate for 30 days, and you can relist up to 3 times at no extra cost.

Deal Direct

Interested customers will contact you and place offers directly from your listing to negotiate or arrange the sale.

Creating Listings

Making a new listing is simple. Just click the create listing link in the menu at the top of any page, fill in the required information and upload some photos of your livestock.

Once you've got that sorted, clicking the next button will show you exactly what the listing fee will be. After you've confirmed the listing, we'll publish it for buyers to find with the Drafting Gate right away.

Your listing will appear publicly for 30 days. After that, you'll need to either mark your listing as sold, or re-list. You are able to relist up to 3 times. To make sure listings are kept fresh, you must relist within 30 days of your listing expiring, otherwise you'll need to create a new listing from scratch.

Offers System

Once your listing is published, interested buyers can place an offer to tender for your livestock. When this happens you'll be sent an email informing you of the details, and you can see all the offers on your listing by clicking on the Offers button.

You can either accept or decline an offer. Accepting the offer will automatically decline any remaining offers - all users who have tendered will be automatically notified by email. If you have only sold some of your stock, the remainder can be relisted at no extra charge, otherwise your listing will be marked as sold on the Drafting Gate.

Don't forget to get in touch with the buyer to arrange payment and transport - their contact details will be provided.


We don't charge any commission on listings, only a small per-head listing fee or a monthly subscription. To keep prices fair when selling high-volume stock types, we vary the fee depending on the category of livestock. See our pricing page for more details.

Featured listings are a great way to make your listing stand out. We show featured listings before standard listings for buyers to find with the Drafting Gate and the Weekly Weigh-In, and you can upload an extra 5 images per listing. We charge an extra flat fee of $10.00 +GST per listing.

High-Volume Sellers

If you think that you're a high volume seller, we want to hear from you! We can offer you bulk discount pricing on listing fees, priority support and direct-invoicing payment options.